Sunday, September 30, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Voyager's shields are breached and a boarding party literally smashes their way to the transporter room.

Who could it be? Well, it's Seska, riding Cullah's coat tails. Also, she designed the coat and taught him how to dress himself. She's the power behind Kazon Maje Cullah's stinking throne.  She's putting her face back on while cooking up schemes to rob Voyager blind.

Neelix has to 'play the cabbage' and ask Janeway 'Dur, what would be so wrong wit' givin' Kazons all your stuff, George?'

When Seska's cleverly executed raid wins her orange goons the pieces of a working transporter, Cullah quickly finds a way to kill people with it. Only not Seska- unless she gets too uppity she's still his main squeeze. Yeeugh.

Chakotay takes it upon himself to swipe the transporter back in a daring sneak attack of his own. It worked beautifully up to and including the point where they caught him and started to beat the living access codes to Voyager out of him. They were waiting months to play Bad Cop, Sexy Snake Cop.

A concentrated burst of Button-Pushing B'Elanna's spirited technobabble wrests Chakotay free and Janeway has someone new to be sad at. Her office is becoming less a Ready Room than a 'Very Disappointed In You Room'.

"Maneuvers" is a black eye for starship Voyager, a split lip for Chakotay, and, at the time, a rape allegory throughout as Seska takes Chakotay's seed to knock herself up while he is an unconscious prisoner. Good effects and performances throughout. It's nobody's fault that I was sick of the Kazon almost the minute they were invented.

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