Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hippocratic Oath

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Worf stalks a Markalian smuggler while Kira drinks a Tarkalian tea. We hear some snark alien from a Quark alien, also.  Worf has trouble fitting in on Deep Space Nine: since by any normal sense of justice and fair play, Quark should probably be in jail, even one of those cushy Federation jails.

Mr. Worf is asked politely and then not-so-politely not to be doing Odo's job. Odo catches pickpockets, Worf's supposed to catch Maquis and Klingons in butterfly nets or something. Actually, I don't know what Worf's job is. Be awesome and bring in viewers, mainly.

Meanwhile, O'Brien and Bashir pancake in on Bopak III because WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL GOING TO THE GAMMA QUADRANT!!! Remember how they promised to kill you if you went there, then killed all those Cardies and Romulans that went there?!?

Bashir complains about the stench of the jungle, so O'Brien asks if they should try the crash again. I love those guys! But they are on opposite sides of good arguments today, when they run afoul of Tosk and his Jem'Hadar crew... wait, that's not Tosk. I get these obsessive, humorless space lizards mixed up.

Tosk's identical cousin Goran'Agar takes them prisoner and demands Bashir cure his troops of their addiction to the enzyme ketracel-white, and thereby their enslavement to the whims of their Vorta masters (middlemen to the Founders, but most Jem'Hadar never meet their squishy gods).

Bashir is a brilliant doctor and a good person, so he's all for it. O'Brien, however, is all for escaping and NOT giving the Kill-Snakes everything they need to run totally amok in the wide universe. Tough call, guys!

"Hippocratic Oath" is perfectly adequate Star Trek sustenance. I give it a shrug and an 'It is What it is". Not exactly a ringing endorsement but then I'm just grumpy because I haven't had my morning white.

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