Tuesday, September 11, 2012


**** (4 stars out of 5)
Dax asks her seven most convenient friends to join her in the Zhian'tara; the Trill Rite of Closure. Literally... JOIN her. "I'd like to borrow your bodies for a few hours."

Because who WOULDN'T want Group Therapy- all by themselves?

A Guardian telepathically sieves out the past hosts into volunteers to interact with Jadzia:
Kira as Lela, the first Dax Host- a legislator or suffragette, or something.
O'Brien as Tobin, Brilliant Braintrust, Nervous Nelly, Spirit Guide author.
Leeta as Emony the limber, limber gymnast. Rrwowr!
Quark as Audrid, tenderhearted soccer mom. Jadzia needs more gal pals.
Bashir as Torias, Died Young, Left Good-Looking Corpse. With a worm in it.
Sisko as Joran the whack job.
Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor.
And Odo as Curzon.

The forcefulness of Curzon's personality and Odo's innate malleability is an unprecedented combination. Curzondo is a hard-living, hard-tranya-drinking, Benson-employing, selfish jerk that Jadzia fears she cannot stand up to.

Odo never ingested things before, due to the mess. Once Curzon departed, Odo must have had to expel more liquid than six Denevan racehorses.

Meanwhile, Quark wants Nog to take after Jake. At least the Not-Joining-Starfleet part of Jake.
But as their newest cadet reminds him: "Uncle, he wants to be a writer. There's no profit in that."

"Facets" is more fun than Voyager's similarly titled and themed 'Faces', for those into sci-fi navel-gazing. Plus it's easier to re-watch than 'Sybil'!
Avery Brooks' creepy Joran was the second attempt. The LESS creepy version. Yikes.

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