Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Die Is Cast

***** (5 stars out of 5)
The station is buzzed by a fleet of Romulan and Cardassian vessels with cloaking devices, all de-cloaking for what I can only assume is a 'Neener-Neener' maneuver on their way to Kill All Changelings.

Tain and Garak reminisce over their cheery torturing days, chortling over a glass of Jack Bauer's ground-up old bones. Tain implies Garak might get a kick at Dukat when they get home. The old villain's even toying with the idea of killing his nosy housekeeper. How can a guy in a Charlie Brown sweater be so evil?

Romulan Colonel Lovok is creeping up on the Founders' Homeworld at Warp Six so they won't be detected through their cloaks. But Sisko's not F-ing around with no Warp Six!
Disobeying a direct order to guard Bajor, Sisko takes the Defiant out after Odo. Billions of Bajorans won't mind being left unprotected. They can PRAY away the Drug-Addled Space Reptiles!

Trying in vain to prove himself to Tain, Garak tortures the Constable with viciousness demonstrable. All we learn is that each of them would much rather be with their own people, and each of them is a frakking bad-ass.

The Battle of The Omarion Nebula is a dismal failure. I think Admiral Ackbar knows what I'm talking about: "IT'SH A TRAP!"

Lovok was a Changeling in disguise, helping gather the evil creme de la creme of the Alpha Quadrant into one place to be shredded like old newspaper. Fortunately, the Founders are a foolish and forgiving people who have never held a grudge.

"The Die Is Cast" is our half-way point, cadets and kittens! I've been making this blog journey for a WHOLE year now. It feels more like 371 years. Like Mr. Garak, I am forced to wonder whether I'm getting any enjoyment out of this endeavor or whether I'm just beating a dead changeling. Either way, chums, the Rubicon is crossed!

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