Sunday, September 23, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
As often happens in real life, a freedom fighter is required to team-up on an extended desert camping trip with a former dictator to find his extra-marital mixed-race love child. And talk him out of killing her just to save face.

It's a classic tale. In fact, it's 'The Searchers'.

Kira and Dukat track down a crashed prison transport in hopes of locating loved ones among the living captives and their guards. To hear Dukat tell it, he had a unique and special relationship with the Bajoran Tora Naprem while driving the Cardassian Death Machine that was tearing the living heart out of her home planet. Also, while avoiding his Cardassian wife and 11 Cardassian children. What a guy!

Fortunately, Kira makes every effort to fend off Dukat's potential repugnant romantic advances somewhat. Her new, tighter uniform pants, towering high heels, and previously displayed peek-a-boo knit tanktop aid her in these efforts.

Speaking of baffling relationship decisions, Sisko gets in hot water with Kasidy simply by saying 'It's a big step', when she asks him how he feels about her moving onto Deep Space Nine. And everyone under the suns start teasing Sisko about his fear of commitment. Nice empathy, Starfleeters. Let's see how funny that is when your wife explodes.

"Indiscretion" isn't afraid to asks the tough questions. Such as: who's seen a Breen? There's no Breen to be seen. Is there a Breen in this canteen? I'm not sure what you mean by a Breen. Oh, you mean the Breen we've seen in the Jabba's Palace scene of Star Wars Episode Sixteen... I mean, SIX? They've enslaved Dukat's daughter Ziyal in a sweltering dilithium mine for six years since she was nine. It's obscene how mean they've been to that tween!

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