Monday, September 10, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)

Ever heard of the ol' Separation of Church and State? Neither has Bajor.

Kai-Slash-First Minister Winn orders Kira to make her old terrorist friends return soil reclamators to the Provisional Government's Provisional Fat-Cats.

Handsome Shakaar and his fellow farmers are refusing on the grounds that everything about it stinks like Quark's underoos.

When Kira proposes a compromise, Winn sends cops. Kira slugs them. Shakaar's rag-tag band of fugitives gets back together on Kola mountain, or Big Rock Candy Mountain or something. Winn is "forced" to declare martial law.
Does Bajor have no aircraft today? Transporters? Would you believe a small pair of binoculars?

Sisko refuses to help Winn find the dissidents, (say... with orbital scanners, perchance?) So she threatens to withdraw Bajor's application for Federation membership. (This is particularly nonsensical, since I'd imagine the UFP probably gives out FREE soil reclamators with that membership card she's spitting on!)

A six-second chat between outlaws and cops makes it clear that nobody's heart is in this. Everyone shakes hands and goes home except Shakaar who gets to hang his ruggedly handsome overalls in the office of First Minister. Democracy! It's the nice word for blackmail!

"Shakaar" is a re-tread of 'Progress', with a touch of the Li Nalas Trilogy. There is no indication that Kira is reprimanded or even that Sisko really minds her wandering off the job for two weeks. (Maybe Odo grew some shoulder pads and turned red so nobody noticed she was gone...)

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