Saturday, September 29, 2012

Little Green Men

***** (5 stars out of 5)
Don't think of it as losing a Nog, think of it as gaining a Worf!

Nog's off to Starfleet to join up, and his famously generous uncle is giving him a ride to Earth in his brand new shuttle Quark's Treasure. It is not really a coincidence that the hold is full of illegal kemacite and that Orion is on the way back.

Quark got the shuttle from his weapons-dealing, moon-owning cousin Gaila. When it turns out the brakes are cut on the warp drive, Rom the Savant steps forward and saves them all with mad technical skills that ignite the kemacite but throw them back in time to a crash landing in 1947 New Mexico.

The tobacco addled, atom-bomb building humans of that powerful nation-state that starts with A (hint: not Australia) take a dim view of the strange space beings. The cute and cuddly scientist/nurse duo want to communicate and make peaceful new friends. The army guys want to deploy a box of men.

Quark, of course, plans to screw with history. Rule the planet, sector, and probably Quadrant with financial prognostication, technological superiority, and sales prowess. If he can avoid being cut up for fish bait.

Nog's plans haven't changed much: he's just starting early on tricking Earth females into rubbing his ears, while Rom's plans include wailing for his Moogie to save him.

"Little Green Men" is fun take on the Roswell legend. The humour and jeopardy are well juxtaposed. All the Ferengi are in top form, and Charles "Heading Out To Eden" Napier is as perfect as the hard-ass General as he once was in The Original Series as the free-loving space-hippie.


  1. Love the new picture Mike, never thought of using that as a razor, but I want one!!!
    ...and loved this episode!

    1. Thanks, man, I just watched a documentary on beards called 'Mansome' and found I can travel to the Mirror Universe with my goatee! Of course, NOT being in the Mirror Universe has it's good side, too.
      Thanks for posting!