Thursday, October 11, 2012

Return To Grace

*** (3 stars out of 5)

Legate Dukat is a thing of the past. Meet Bellhop Dukat, carrying Kira's Bajoran baggage and Captaining the run-down freighter Groumall. Disowned, divorced, and disavowed, and even though it's Kira's fault (for making him drag his love-child home alive), she knows damn well it couldn't happen to a nastier ex-dictator.

Tricked into a diplomatic mission by her new boyfriend the First Minister, Kira never reaches the conference because the Klingons blew it up. Delegates from both Bajor and Cardassia dead by the dozens. Rather than reporting this to anyone, anyone who might, for example, have a cloaked warship idling away in the space garage with a Strategic Operations Officer drumming his fingers on the dashboard, they go on the offensive alone in their unarmed garbage scow.

With Dukat's humiliating circumstances and chirpy daughter Ziyal to enjoy, Kira finds herself teaching Dukat and Daughter to play terrorist.

They pull the old 'Search For Spock Switcheroo' and swap places with the Klingon crew using transporters. They manage to capture the first Bird-Of-Prey ever for Cardassia. But the Detapa Council doesn't want to carry on this fight.

Dukat can't talk Kira into joining his one-man war, but she talks him into letting Ziyal live with her rather than raise her as a freedom fighter.

 "Return To Grace" is cool, especially if you overlook how illogical it is that Kira keeps ending up hanging out with Dukat. You would think, dramatic as it might be, that in the real world the Israeli girl and Hitler wouldn't have as many dinner dates as these two do. Quibbling aside, Marc Alaimo never disappoints as the insidious Dukat. The effects are good too, and we meet Dukat's right hand man in adversity, Damar, due for recurring character status soon enough.

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