Tuesday, October 2, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Knocked senseless while battling the jackbooted thugs of the Mokra, Janeway winds up the care of a heartsick hobo. He's mistaken her for his dead daughter Ralkana.

Caylem's out of his gourd, unless you mean the gourd cruel Magistrate Augris puts on his head in mockery.

Tuvok and B'Elanna land in Augris' inescapable Mokra dungeon. It comes with free torture and scones! Only they're out of scones.

I can imagine Tuvok lecturing his torturer: 'I must point out that my friend Kes recently boiled my entire face. There is very little you can logically accomplish by comparison.'

Caylem pursues the delusion that he can free his long-dead wife and child from the detention center.
Janeway tarts it up for the ginger guard Glen, a dead ringer for a security guard Wesley once duped. Of course, Wesley didn't try to seduce him! Eh, go with what works.

And while the Captain tells soothing white lies to the dying resistance fighter, who gives a thought to poor Jackboot?! Nobody holds HIS hand and says: "You were so mighty, lord Augris! Way to kill all those Alsaurians. Especially the females and the elderly! I always admired your cunning sadism; your willingness to go the extra mile to humiliate the mentally feeble. The gates of Mokra Heaven are flung wide and the Mokra Almighty is eager to sign surrender papers to you, sir!"

Or not. I'm just saying. Guy was a dink.

"Resistance" featured 'Cabaret's Joel Grey as Crazy Caylem the local Quixote. Grim tales of torment, oppression and madness are not my thing. At all. Still, it's a very well-performed tragedy.

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