Monday, October 15, 2012

Bar Association

**** (4 stars out of 5)

Back from five days skulking around the Gamma Quadrant playing 'Taunt The Jem'Hadar', Dax accuses Worf of falling in love with the Defiant. (It was a little unusual when he started scent-marking the Bridge Chairs!)

Quark's profits are dropping off during the hilariously joyless Bajoran Time of Cleansing. That and Quark's innate dick-hat qualities cause him to dock Rom's wages when his brother nearly dies of an ear infection on the job.

Dr. Bashir suggests the downtrodden employees form a union before Quark's standard policies claim their meagre lives.

Rom is doubtful: "Ferengi workers don't want to stop the exploitation. We want to find a way to become the exploiters."

O'Brien's ancestor Sean Aloysius (possibly), led a coal miner strike in 1902, and received somewhere between 32 and 34 bullets for his bravery. In his honour (and to impress the talented and disgruntled Dabo Girl Leeta), Rom starts a union. Even the word is dirty to a Ferengi, and the FCA legbreakers like to keep it that way.

To ride out the strike, Quark buys some Lissepian Emergency Holographic Scab Waiters in Quark's own off-putting image. To get Quark to stop being himself, Landlord Sisko promises to make him pay five years rent and power the Federation has provided gratis.

Did I say leg breakers? Brunt has a pair of Nausicaans to toss uppity labour off buildings and sell their carcasses as mulch for gree worms. After they beat Rom's only brother (the fat cat management) and puncture his lower lung, the fat cat brother relents.

Rom gets a new job anyway: lowest man on the Bajoran Engineer totem pole.

"Bar Association" offers the excellent insight that family members are more likely to not kill each other if they don't work together. The episode is also a wonderful comedy glove around an iron fist of truth. And, for whatever it's worth, Rom makes Star Trek's first overt reference to masturbation. Delightful!

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