Tuesday, October 16, 2012


** (2 stars out of 5)
Is Sisko the Emissary or not? Why didn't the Prophets issue him a 'Hi, I'm The Emissary' name tag or a t-shirt? Without that clarity, hilarity ensues. Well, not hilarity, but this.

Akorem Lan, famed Bajoran poet from 200 years ago, appears out of the wormhole in his rickety space rowboat. Since Lan maybe became the Emissary by technically meeting the Prophets first, Sisko eagerly steps down. He doesn't even get to keep the bullet-proof Pope Shuttle and latinum-plated vestments.

Akorem makes the sweeping, horrible change of restoring the rigid D'jarra caste system of his day. He hasn't made a Horse a Senator yet, but otherwise he's a pretty terrible leader. Only not pretty.

Caste-Based Discrimination is against the Federation Charter, so Bajor's application would inevitably be rejected. But if obeying the New Emissary means losing membership- they gotta go gospel. New Father Knows Best!

Kira is abandoning government work for the artist caste. Her small army of flightless clay blobs attest to her lack of skill. So she's going to throw herself into it anyway.

Throwing is not in short supply today, as a harmless old Vedek tosses one of his monks to his death. Hey, the guy refused to get a job as an undertaker! Murdering him for his truculence makes perfect sense... in Church World.

Sisko and Akorem take it up with the Prophets. Cryptic as ever, the Glowworms put the poet back in his proper time. Cleared that up, right? Now Akorem's unfinished poem is finished, but everyone remembers Akorem's visit and the dead monk is still dead. Thanks for nothing, Space Gods.

Meanwhile, Keiko's second pregnancy is underway, and Miles and Julian learn that Molly and Morn would make poor replacement darts partners. Although we still don't know who would win in a dart fight between the Baby and the Barfly...

"Accession" is just O.K. Damning with faint praise? So be it. The mild time travel element is pretty illogical, even by Star Trek standards. The stakes seem totally irrelevant, even when the whole series premise is on the line. It's a big snooze. I admit, though, I DO really love the bromance of O'Brien and Bashir.

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