Sunday, October 28, 2012


**** (4 stars out of 5)
All that closeness and bonding Neelix and Tuvok did last episode seemed like such a good idea, the Captain and the First Officer seem to have managed a bizarre accident of their own. The duo caught one of those rare, incurable viruses while on an away mission together (itself kind of a rare situation). The virus has no effect at all, unless they leave their lovely camping trip on 'New Earth'. The cure is worse than the disease: a life-long romantic vacation.

After 17 days, the Doctor can't find a cure, unless maybe they contact the Vidiians, why not? Janeway transfers command to Tuvok and orders him to head for Earth without them. Also, she orders him not to risk getting everyone killed by going to the Vidiians, hat in hand. Because, it would soon become 'heart in hand', or 'pancreas in hand'.

Six weeks together, Chakotay has built Kathryn a tub, and a headboard. He's also their cook, launching quite happily into homemaking while Janeway continues the search for a cure.

Janeway in a towel, AND an adorable spider monkey? This episode has it all!

Captain Tuvok rejects Ensign Kim's plan to contact Danara Pel and offer some of B'Elanna's DNA in exchange for a cure for Janeway's cuddlesome vacation. (How does Tuvok reconcile the fact that he hasn't put on a Captain's uniform or added the required rank pins... in over a month and a half? Methinks someone doesn't want to accept his new role.) Anyway, Kes goads and flatters her mentor into relenting.

When her lab equipment is ruined in a plasma storm, scientist Janeway has to focus on all that's left: what 'parameters' will she and Chakotay define for their relationship?

Chakotay relates an 'ancient legend'. It's the tale of an angry warrior who finally found peace by swearing to himself that he would put the needs of a brave, wise, warrior woman above his own. Not naming names or anything.

Poor Dr. Pel (looking like a Cyborg Brussels Sprout) offers the cure while her people offer lasers.
A happy ending that puts an end to any thoughts of kissage.

"Resolutions", despite its name, resolves nothing. Except by omission. I was sorry to see the back of the Vidiians. And even sorrier that there was no follow up to the love story. This was the last time we'd visit the romantic potential of "Chakway" or "Jankotay" if you'd like. This has remained a disappointment to me for years.

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