Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Breach

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Visit scenic Xantoras, planet of Spelunking and Racism!

A still-in-progress government coup forces all off-worlders to flee. Three Denobulans need to be found quickly and bundled into duffle bags or their optimism and love of collecting doozer sticks down in Fraggle Rock is going to earn them the same fate as Phlox's tribbles. See, Dr. Phlox has a batch of the illicit puffballs, saved from the maws of their natural predator lizards... and tossed into the maws of Phlox's medical goblins.

When Trip claims the last cave he was in had handrails and a gift shop, does he mean the cave in "Strange New World"? He WAS hallucinating badly. Maybe that's how he remembers it. He might be disappointed to discover his souvenir Archer IV snow globe is actually just a handful of bark.

Denobulans and Antarans had bitter wars, none more recently than 300 years ago, but Antaran Hudak (of the Etherian Hordaks?) is still unwilling to be treated by a guy like Phlox. And despite Archer's orders, Phlox is not Starfleet and he never took the Hippocratic Oath. "The will of the patient is the cornerstone of Denobulan Medical Ethics."

The cornerstone of a Denobulan's bigoted Grandma was that she was THERE three centuries ago, and passed her hates and terrors, legitimate and otherwise, to one of Phlox's sons. Despite his efforts to promote tolerance, Phlox knows all about bad blood.

Denobulans may be able to shimmy up sheer cliffs like Spider-Man, but overcoming "The Breach" is even easier than "Jetrel" made it look! Inspired performances, tolerable writing, that's Enterprise for you.

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