Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cease Fire

 **** (4 stars out of 5)
Paan Mokar, the Vulcan equivalent of Pluto, was settled by Andorians in the 2050's. The Andorians had barely named the place Weytahn and started Andor-forming with brave settlers like Shahn E. Appleseed when the Vulcans claimed it "first".

It's Class-D, nearly uninhabitable, fit only for ice bears and Canadians. Deserted by both sides- until the Andorians snuck back in a couple of weeks ago and re-ignited the war. For kicks!

Well, not just any Andorians. Our old blue buddy Shran and the Andorian Amazon Tarah. Suzie Plakson back in black. Well, blue. And a tall drink of water! (Don't drink the water.)

I'm not sure I like the sound of Phlox bombarding me with analeptic radiation. Mainly because it has the word 'anal' in it. As ever, your experience may vary.

Shran calls for a "Cease Fire", as he has come to regard "Pinkskin" Archer as impartial. It's tough for Andorians to compromise with Vulcans. "Camps" were mentioned, and not the holiday kind. Tarah argues that the Vulcans are a people without conscience, and it's easy to see her perspective. Not from her height, but still. The Vulcans we've seen lately seem like ass-hats of the first order, and Stodgy Soval will have to come down off his high horse to stop the green and blue bloodshed. And I'd have to stand on a high horse to kiss Suzie Plakson. (I meant to say my wife! ;)

And if you'd like to see the best wife in the world on stage, brave the sold-out crowds to the Walterdale Playhouse in Edmonton all this week for "Anything Goes". I saw it last night and it's De-Lovely!

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