Friday, December 21, 2012

Worst Case Scenario

**** (4 stars out of 5)
Set the wayback machine for two years ago. In 2371, Tuvok had some strong misgivings about the Maquis situation and was writing a tactical training scenario for the holodeck called 'Insurrection Alpha'. In the scenario, Chakotay seizes his chance to mutiny and you, the trainee, get to play along!

Torres finds this unfinished opus in the computer wastebasket. She and Tom (and soon everyone else) start playing the novel. It may be a dangerously inflammatory trip down memory lane, but there's precious little else to do around here. It's either 'What If We Turned on Each Other' or more pool and luaus, and everyone's sick of Neelix's poi.

The author in Tuvok gets his logical hackles up when Tom decides to write the rest of the adventure for kicks instead of making sense. Torres sounds like she would rather play 'What If We Turned Each Other On' instead of 'What If We Turned on Each Other', but then, who wants to listen to a GIRL writer?

Especially if that girl is a dead Cardassian with an ax to grind from beyond the grave!!! Triggered by Tuvok's attempt to write more to the tale, Seska's booby trap goes off and causes major malfunctions.

Mortality Failsafe goes down, natch. Communications and transporters, fer sure! Then the mutiny turns against its writers. The rewritten Doctor injects Paris with searing nitric acid. Evil Doc returns to his strangling ways as well.

From outside the program, Janeway counters by writing in a surprise Rukani rescue, a fortuitous
plasma fire extinguisher, and mithril blades to detect any approaching orcs or goblins.

Where does the story go from here? A superlative question- both in front of and behind the cameras.

Is a Maquis Mutiny really the "Worst Case Scenario"? I mean, maybe the world will end today. Probably not, but at least if it does I died doing what I loved: watching Star Trek.

Do what YOU love- and love it well.

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