Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blaze of Glory

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Nog's working security, and he can't get any Klingons to respect his author-i-tay. Is it his diminutive stature? His nasally voice? His squid breath?

The Klingon High Council was allied with the Maquis and gave them some cloaking devices. This was before the Dominion annihilated the entire Maquis resistance in three days. (Chakotay's Chums don't know how lucky they are to be lost in distant, uncharted regions!)

In vengeance for their defeat, the few living Maquis launched cloaked missiles at Cardassia. They'll hit in under 13 days.

Sisko does the only logical thing and quietly ignores the problem for two weeks.

No, wait, he springs Michael Eddington from jail! With his comrades dead, Eddington planned to lie in his cell until the Jem'Hadar kill him, too.

Sisko does the only logical thing and wholeheartedly supports this plan. No, wait, ROAD TRIP!

Mike Eddington doesn't just love his antique Canadian coin the "lucky loonie". He also loves porn. I'm sorry, he said CORN. He loves CORN. He disdains replicated food ever since growing his own corn and tomatoes. Also, Cal Hudson was killed awhile back, and if the cuffs ever come off, Mike would send Ben to join him. WHAT FUN!

Athos IV, in the fiery depths of the Badlands. Home of Eddington's beloved wife: Hitchcock's Rebecca, a woman of enormous importance never seen before or since. It's the last stand of the Maquis, and Eddington's inevitable "Blaze of Glory".

Speaking of defeatist attitudes, Quark's doom and gloom spewing sets Morn off. The cucumber-headed fellow went on a drunken, naked rampage until tripping over Major Kira in church. Yes, I said MORN, not porn. I did say naked, though. But not the good kind. Morn.

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