Tuesday, December 4, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Chakotay survives his umpteenth shuttle crash, but poor luckless Ensign Kaplan not so much. The First Officer is attacked by a disorganized gang of mangled ruffians, and rescued by a loose group of amputee peaceniks.

Riley Frazier, a Starfleet scientist in relaxed command of a disparate group of racially diverse former abductees, falls for the concussed Chakotay. Possibly because of the concussion, he returns her affections before discovering that she's not just a blatant Janeway analog, she's also a former Borg.

Having recently had their hundred thousand metal-clad posteriors collectively handed to them by some bigger, badder baddie, some of the ex-Borgs have adjusted remarkably well. Riley hangs around with a one-eyed Romulan doctor named Orum and they get along within their own Get-Along Gang, but mostly gangs of racial hereditary enemies don't play well with others.

Voyager's doctor discovers that dead Borg in derelict cubes are extremely resilient and that the machine-parts are happy to keep going and going and going long after the flesh battery has approached zombie status.

Frazier's little co-operative loves the healing properties and rapport made possible by Borg tech. They urge Janeway to help them re-connect on a planetary scale for the greater good blah blah blah. Due to having a brain in her head, Captain Janeway thinks this is a bad idea. For one, thousands of people would be forced to participate in this group mind involuntarily. For two, the Borg-ness would inevitably wake up cranky.

So Riley and company seize control of Chakotay's mind to switch the link on for them anyway.

Will the Co-operative new "Unity" find their mental powers corrupting them absolutely? Well, since we already saw them failing morally at step one, I assume the answer is 'Duh'.

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