Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Call To Arms

**** (4 stars out of 5)

Rom and Leeta's preparation for their awkward wedding continues. How do you compromise on a Bajoran marriage conducted by the spiritual munificence of the Emissary and a Ferengi marriage where the Bride only has to Be There and Be Bare? Quark can't bear it: his brother will have no bridal auction? No latinum dances? No Pin the Toupee on the Trump?
Jake's got two jobs- as an official correspondent for the Starfleet News Service and for the Federation News Service (unless they are the same thing). Also Jake is going to be hosting 'DMZ's Keeping Away From the Cardassians'.

The Romulans, Miradorn and Tholians have signed Dominion Nonaggression treaties, and all the while more Jem'Hadar warships pour through the wormhole.

Rom helps concoct a cloaked self-replicating swarm-detonating minefield to block the invaders' entry. But his mind's elsewhere: Rom is worrying about the wedding so much, he's always rushing to waste extraction.

Worry rather about Weyoun: he talks about peace, security, and feeding the starving Cardassian children, but remove the mines or lose the station is the man's bottom line. Sorry, I shouldn't follow a sentence about waste extraction with a sentence about a man's bottom.

After Bajor signs the non-aggression treaty, the station's Bajoran population (except stubborn Kira) are ordered to evacuate back to their home planet for safety. Ziyal stays with Kira's friends. It's good to hear Kira still HAS some friends. Alive ones.

But for how much longer? Dukat is eager for a little unnecessary bloodshed.

Nobody gets everything they want as half the good guys practice the 'Running Away' part of valour, and the other half welcome their new alien overlords.

"Call To Arms" is a collection of heart-felt farewells, plus Rom unintentionally delivering a monologue similar to one from Casablanca. Although there's more of Booger than of Bogart about him. The problems of two sentients don't amount to a hill of Breens in this crazy cosmos!

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