Friday, May 18, 2012


**** (4 stars out of 5)

Bashir hits on Jadzia over Raktajinos (Klingon coffee). While fleeing from his pre-ganglionic fibre pick-up lines, she is unsuccessfully abducted by some thugs. Ulian-looking jackbooted thugs in a Tamarian ship, who for the sake of confusion turn out to be Klaestrons. Curzon Dax is accused of a murder committed 30 years ago on Klaestron IV. Ben won't allow it: on Klaestron they use the death penalty.

Odo blackmails Quark with building codes until the Ferengi volunteers his bar for the extradition hearing. (The station must really be a wreck, is Quark's the only halfway decent meeting hall?) The Bajoran Arbiter is the same age as Keiko's mom: she's 100. Doesn't mean she wants to reek of gin after a long day of legal wind bagging.

Sisko's filibuster intentionally opens a can of symbiotes. Is a Trill responsible for the acts of its antecedent selves? The answer is probably 'yes', but nobody can get answers out of Dax today. What's wrong? Caitian got your tongue?

Dax's jury of Peers is Sellin Peers, Minister of the Trillian Government. He's full of fun facts: hosts are willing, mid-20s adults, who blend their minds with the symbiote. After 93 hours, the host and symbiote can't survive without each other. He fails to explain how Trills could have been in the Federation for at least 30 years without anyone on Enterprise-D having heard of them. Nor does Peers mention at what point Trills got their spots instead of golden forehead arches. In fact, there's a lot I still need explained, but he's not sticking around. DS9 doesn't validate parking.

Odo's field trip turns up an affair between Curzon and the murdered General Tandro's wife, Enina. She shows up to brag about it and explode her indignant son's corrugated head.

Enina Tandro gets Dax off. So to speak.    

"Dax" is the title, you'll notice. Dax. Less than 10 episodes in, and it's named for the character. Not 'The Trial of Dax' or 'What's Up, Dax?' just Dax. Seems terribly unimaginative. Me, I had a T-Shirt with a picture of Jadzia captioned 'Dax Unlimited'.  That's right, I'm awesome. And I think ducks are inherently amusing. Oh, I'm just joshing. The excellent D.C. Fontana was one of the writers, after all. But would it have been better if the pilot was called 'Sisko'? I think not.

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