Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthright Part II

**** (4 stars out of 5)
After the flashback, in which Ba'el the Kling-ette flashes back (and side-boob) Worf's dilemma continues on the galaxy's most relaxed prison world.

Uncharacteristically kind Romulan Commander Tokath kept a hundred Khitomerian Klingons alive for prisoner exchange. However, their families and government would rather they didn't exist. Tokath was going to let them go anyway, but to preserve their families' honour they stayed in hiding with their lenient captors. Worf's dad was never among them.

"There is no room in my heart for shame," Worf declares. It's not a popular Klingon opinion: the oldsters wish their kids would come to visit them... knife first. The youngsters are farmers, contented and/or bored. Peacenik Ba'el has no desire to visit the dangerous Klingon home world. Worf says Qo'noS is dangerous "no longer". Skewed perspective from the guy who nearly bought it there a year ago.

Romulan Jailer Tokath tells Worf he married a Klingon woman, and you can see Worf throwing up a little, in his mouth.

Worf teaches Klingon combat moves and stories to the ignorant youths. He is about to teach the mating bite to Ba'el- when he discovers she has pointed ears. She's Tokath's daughter.

Tokath asks Worf to stop pouring vinegar into his melting pot. Not bloody likely! Many Klingons move into the line of fire at Worf's half-hearted execution. Finally, Tokath's Klingon ladies stay his hand.

Several Klingon lads returned with Worf. They claim to be "crash survivors" from "planet Elaborate Lie".

"Birthright Part II" is fine Kling-sploitation fare, if that's what you're into. Mendak's identical cousin Tokath is a very compelling villain as far as I'm concerned, having abandoned massacres and warmongering for Ridged Forehead Jungle Fever. And yet... face to face with the man whose orders killed his parents, Worf merely spurns his daughter's advances and slightly disturbs his weekend? Does that sound like Worf to you? Or does it seem more likely he'd take a sick day, come back, and burn this hippy commune to the ground?

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