Tuesday, November 20, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Suppose the ghost of Castro took possession of the iron fists of Marilyn Monroe to seize power? Or maybe Rasputin and Florence Nightengale would be a more appropriate comparison?

Either way, it's Kes Possessed today, by the warlord Tieran (no relation to Tyr'ahnee: the 24th and a Half Century's Queen of Mars. At least, I think no relation.).

We've seen it all before, with Ann Mulhall and Thalassa, Deanna Troi and "Shumar", Bashir and Vantika, or, most recently, Keiko and the Pah-Wraith.

Snarling, Catsuit Kes goes on a rampage, killing the poor bastard at the transporter then all who oppose her on planet Ilari. Hostage to a deadly dictator's consciousness from beyond the grave, she stomps about tearing down tapestries like the dreaded head She-Beast of the Keebler Elves. Her burgeoning psionic powers are misused to kill disloyal underlings- Captain Needa style.

Then she tortures and teases and kisses Tuvok. Which would be worst for a Vulcan? I'm still thinking torture, definitely the torture.

Since Janeway's all out of faith healing today, technology performs the exorcism. But who will mend all the hurt feelings?

I hope the Paxil... I mean, Paxau beach resort program is enough to keep Neelix's happy feet a'dancin', because the one event Possessed Kes really takes to heart is their break-up. From child bride to devoted lover to spiteful ex. That's the terrible twos for you!

(Speaking of twos, I only bumped this episode up to three stars in the end because it has B'Elanna in a bathing suit. You know what I like, Star Trek. I just can't stay mad at you!)

"Warlord" has good performances despite all my dithering. Talented Jennifer Lien probably had a lot of fun chewing scenery, and well... they can't all be winners. I still wish they had featured a genuine, assertive, meaningful, non-possessed version of the end of this relationship. What was the break-up REALLY about? I feel the audience deserved to know. I was rather invested in 'Keelix' and I... oh never mind, what's tomorrow? Hey, a movie! And it's gonna be terrific!

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