Sunday, November 18, 2012

Future's End Part II

***** (5 stars out of 5)
Do you think Bill Gates got where he is by torturing a hologram from the future? Let's hope not. But Chronowerks CEO Henry Starling will do anything to get ahead- and he's got the stolen tech to make the EMH Doctor feel like he's been set on fire.

Taken hostage, it is actually the Doctor who comes out on top- quite by accident and despite the ordeal. Starling has a 29th Century Mobile Holo-Emitter, allowing him to trot his prisoner out of doors.

When Starling tries to seize Rain Robinson as well, Tuvok and Tom reunite with the Doctor and aid in his escape. Rain dubs him Mr. Leisure-Suit and is quick to point out how weird it is that he can take so many punches. Tough to bruise a guy with no blood.

Chakotay and Torres crash while abducting Starling, into the clutches of a doomsday anti-governement militia of a religious bent. Racist, gun-toting but well-spoken yokels take the 'government stooge' Indian and his bagel-headed lady friend captive. The advantages of having a phaser-wielding bulletproof hologram on your side soon become apparent.

Tom and Rain survive a car chase with Chronowerks thug Dunbar. Guess which thug does NOT?
It is as romantic as it seems to kiss a lad from the future next to the burning wreckage of a murderer and his big rig?

Starling tries to leap into the future, but a timeship is NO electric car. It's not powered by his sense of self-satisfaction, either. If they let him, he'd destroy the future for his own profit. And thanks to the pounding they've taken, it's down to Janeway to hand-load the torpedo that takes him out.

"Future's End, Part II" is a terrific action romp and exactly the sort of thing I like. Considering Timecop Braxton's enthusiasm for the preservation of the timeline even at the cost of over a hundred lives, it seems very odd that he's willing to let our heroes keep that holo-emitter from the future. I can only assume he overlooked it, or perhaps his future scanner tech is not so finely calibrated as one might think. Speaking of leaving things where they're not supposed to be, let's hope those trucker-hat cultists didn't snag any future swag.  Next thing you know, we'd have guys in baseball caps flying starships way too early. Nobody wants THAT.

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