Sunday, November 11, 2012

Looking for par'Magh in All the Wrong Places

*** (3 stars out of 5)

Quark wants Grilka. Dax wants Worf. Worf wants Grilka. Miles and Kira want each other. Oh, what a merry mix-up!

"par'Magh" is the Klingon word for love, though with "more aggressive overtones". So, like human love but with broken ribs instead of broken lamps.

When Lady Grilka returns to the station hoping Quark will do her wartime accounting and possibly some loads of laundry she had lying around, Quark sees his chance to win her heart... or at least points south.

Worf admires Grilka from afar but he's less welcome to court her than Quark. Greasy Money Troll outranks Handsome Total Pariah, I guess. When Quark goes to Dax for advice on wooing Klingon ladies, Worf chimes in, too. Soon Dax and Worf are putting words in Quark's mouth, and with a remote control device, even running Quark's body like a puppet in a sword fight to win the Lady.

It's poor Bashir that has to treat them, since Lady Grilka plays rough. Dax and Worf succumb to par'Magh related injuries of their own.

Kira and O'Brien manage to avoid the romantic closeness they were afraid they might give into. Saving them both from Keiko breaking their ribs and/or lamps, presumably.

"Looking for par'Magh in All the Wrong Places" is adorable nonsense. By inverting a Rule of Acquisition that recently let him down ("War is Good For Business"), Quark has re-discovered what hippies suspected all along: "What is it good for? If you ask me, absolutely nothing." The 'HUNH! Good God!' sounds are optional, although I'd imagine everyone was making them anyway, for other purposes, and in private.

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