Friday, November 23, 2012

The Q and The Grey

**** (4 stars out of 5)
The "Idea Man" is back, and he's had a few. Plus, he's been drinking. Q's got it into his head that now is the time to MATE with dearest Captain Kathy.

But no matter what puppies he bribes her with, or gaudy Valentines bedsheets, or bath-time serenades, Janeway isn't flattered by the offer to become the Madre De Dios. Particularly with the admission that Q was considering Romulan Empresses or single-celled paramecia first.

Also, he's quote un-quote "married" or something. There's a difference of opinion on that. A statuesque redheaded lady Q has been his companion for 4 billion years, but to hear Q tell it, she's simply his stalker.

Janeway has to remind the audience that supernovas are SUPER rare, just in case the ones we've already seen on starship Enterprise adventures (Beta Stromgren, Beta Niobe, Minara, Amagosa, Veridian and all) were giving you the impression otherwise. Anyway, there shouldn't be THIS many but that quirky little horde of quasi-deities called the Q Continuum have started a Civil War.

To hear Q tell it, he's dashing Johnny Reb of the forces of freedom and the grey-clad southern Q of the Status Quo have it in for him. Their "pistols" are causing massive damage to the real galaxy. Only new blood can bring about peace...

(Really? The Continuum GOT new blood just 4 short years ago with Amanda Rogers from 'True Q'. Of course, she was conceived and raised in "mawkish human fashion" so she still must not count.)

The Battling Bickerques devise belittling nicknames for Tom "Helm Boy" Paris and Nee "Bar Rodent" Lix.  While readying the "rickety barge" Voyager to physically breach the Continuum, Torres chastises Suzy Q for her "superiority complex".

"It's not a complex, dear, it's a fact."

Janeway calls down the Q for their apparent inability to move beyond violence means to solve arguments. But when another solution is found, would she be willing to change the Diapers of Omnipotence?

"The Q and The Grey" is tremendous fun. If you wanted to bring back Suzie Plakson for sweeps again and again you wouldn't hear me complaining.

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