Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apocalypse Rising

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Captain Sisko and Dax limp home from their runabout mission into the raging Klingon-Federation War. As if that wasn't a foolish way to spend a weekend, Starfleet is sending Sisko behind enemy lines, posing as a Klingon, to expose a Changeling posing as a Klingon. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Sure, why not.  Weeks travel to Earth and back, weeks into Klingon space. Did they not have anyone A) Closer? B) More expendable?

Odo The Solid is depressed, taking solace in food and drink, contemplating a new career as a rolling cop. Over his objections that he is now too ordinary to be of use, Sisko orders Odo to come with him to Ty'Gokor deep in Klingon space. Worf suggests assassinating the Gowron changeling, but Starfleet wants to use the new polaron emitters to expose the impostor instead.

Privateer Dukat delivers them in his Bird of Prey. Worf tries to drill Sisko, Odo, and O'Brien in etiquette and protocol. Backhanding is a challenge to duel to the death. Ordinary belligerence should just be a punch. Do not turn your back while talking, whisper, or apologize. Also, dessert forks on the inside left.

Sisko cold-cocks a braggart after hearing that the man has killed an Academy friend of his named Captain Laporin. Laporin had breathing tubes like a Benzite, but was either a Benzenite or his killer was drunk. Or both.

Speaking of people the Klingons have killed lately, there were Vulcan children on Archanis. I'm not sure who was on Vrax, but the Klingons have "liberated" it, too. Losses have been heavy on both sides.

Martok recognizes and imprisons them. But he aids their escape and sics them on the Chancellor. As Worf fights Gowron, Odo detects that Martok is the infiltrator. Partly because it is strangling him with a tentacle. The crowd quickly draws disruptors and Tarrantinos its jelly ass.

"Apocalypse Rising" was probably more fun to make that it is to re-watch. Yay! Klingons! Funny teeth! A valise shaped like a fish! Well, not the valise. Anyway, good effects, sneaky-peaky spying, and barrels of blood wine. Although I've never spotted it, the statues in the hall of heroes include likenesses of Kahless and Chang (Christopher Plummer to the folks at home. Only he's not singing 'Edelweiss' and snapping Nazi necks.)

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