Thursday, June 21, 2012


**** (4 stars out of 5)

Anything that starts with Garak can't be all bad. Remember Garak? The only Cardie on an enclosed habitat full of Bajorans? The only tailor in a society blessed with clothing replicators? Well, he's just been bitten by a Cardassian kid raised as a Bajoran. I mean, really, if Garak sidled up behind me and put his hand gently on my shoulder, I might bite, too.

Many Cardassian war orphans were left on Bajor when Dukat organized the withdrawal. Bitey the Boy Bajoran is called Rugal, who becomes the centre of a controversy when some random alcoholic gambler alleges that the adopted parents are cruel to the child. Rugal's temporarily boarded with the O'Briens, since Miles' bigotry needed some exercise. Is O'Brien the best option? Anybody aboard ever NOT killed Cardassians, maybe? Besides, O'Brien needs to spend more quality time with his OWN family: he claims Molly is four when she's two at most. (They grow up fast in space, don't they? Space operas, anyway.)

Sisko must either turn the kid over to Proka whose face might break if he smiles, or the biological father Pa'Dar whose history as a failed patriarch on the soap opera 'Soap' was good practice for accidentally abandoning Rugal.

Disgraced, Pa'Dar wants Rugal to accept him and return to his life in the land of the lizards.

Uh, not so much. "You are a butcher. They killed your son for your crimes." Rugal snarls.

Garak goads Dr. Bashir into investigating further. Rugal was turned in to the orphanage by a military officer from Terok Nor. Turns out that's what they called the space station back then, and turns out Dukat lost the kid on purpose in case Pa'Dar needed blackmailing someday.

Miserable Rugal is returned to his biological father at Sisko's behest. Why? That clearly wasn't what Rugal wanted. Will he be happy on the planet that gave us such people as Madred and Dukat? That hungry, angry planet where nothing good ever happens? Your guess is just as not good as mine.

"Cardassians" You read it right. That's the title. Cardassians. See, the title is who the story is about! Thank goodness this is the only story about Cardassians so it will remain distinct forever. Like an original series episode called Vulcans. Or better yet 'Vulcans! The Musical'.

Sorry, but the title is really all I have to pick on.

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