Sunday, March 4, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
The Gamma Arigulon system, source of much of the Federation's vital arugula. Also site of the latest deadly chapter in Klingon politics!

A gorgeous new Klingon ship delivers a familiar gorgeous Klingon face: Federation Ambassador K'Ehleyr. With an extra bonus: a cuddly little Worfling.

It's true: K'Ehleyr left the holodeck with a passenger back in 'Emissary' and his name is Alexander. Worf's Gots Kids?!?

Less startlingly, the Empire is gearing up for civil war which K'Ehleyr is convinced will drag in the neighbours, too. Tholians, Ferengi, the Federation, even (heaven forfend) the Pakleds might go to interstellar war- Franz Ferdinand style!

K'mpec, who has ruled the Empire longer than anyone in history (and apart from General Korrd has been drunk longer than any Klingon in history) is the last thing keeping the peace. His wine has been poisoned for months. Picard must mediate the challengers to the succession: either Gowron or Duras was the poisoner, and whichever it was must not be allowed to lead. Or guest host Iron Chef.

Duras, the well-known Cover-Up Guy!

Gowron, the outsider with Crazy Eye!

Each gives K'mpec's corpse the traditional Pain-stik Poke before somebody sets off a not-as-tradtional funeral bomb.

K'Ehleyr's changed her mind about the Oath (once Worf admits he's not just in it for the honour). Yet though she is willing, he balks this time: if he acknowledges Alexander publicly, the kid will share his discommendation.

Gowron threatens K'Ehleyr with K'mpec's fate if she doesn't take his side with Picard. Cough *poisoner?* Cough.

The bomb featured a molecular decay detonator- only used by the Romulans. Could the Klingons and Romulans be starting up a new alliance?

If so, it was Duras' man who smuggled in the bomb... inside his own forearm. Ew! A suicide that takes out an enemy is considered honourable. Sometimes I think the Klingons just select morality at random. Spin the Wheel of Honour!

K'Ehleyr pried too far into the Khitomer cover-up and was stabbed. She lived long enough to implicate Duras and place Alexander's hand on Worf's.
Worf breaks out the family bat'leth, forged ten generations ago. Despite Duras' reminder at sword-point that he is the only one who could prove Worf's innocence, Worf claims his rite of vengeance.

There are currently people from 13 planets on Enterprise, and Picard respects all their beliefs. But, he says, if they cannot stick to the Starfleet way they should resign. So he puts a reprimand in Worf's file.

A reprimand?!?

Worf sends Alexander to live with the Rozhenkos on Earth. But at least he's got a goodbye hug in him.

"Reunion" by writers Perry, Deighan, Ronald Moore, and Brannon Braga, with Johnny Frakes in the director's chair, is good stuff. For a horrible, violent tragedy. A reprimand?!?

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