Friday, March 16, 2012


**** (4 stars out of 5)
It's a case of Trial and Errol as Q repays his debt to Picard by being the usual amount of annoying.

At an archeological conference orbiting the world of Tagus III (where archeologists are not allowed), Picard hooks up with Vash from 'Captain's Holiday' once more.

It's awkward breakfast handshakes for all as Picard introduces his Breakfast Buddy Beverly to his Voulez-Vous Vixen Vash.

Q thinks he'll teach Picard to better express his feelings of love, or that those feelings are foolish, or something... actually I don't think even Q is sure what he's doing. "Something... CONSTRUCTIVE! That's my new word for the day."

The spiteful god constructs a Robin Hood fantasy adventure. Picard and his not especially merry crew must rescue Vash as Maid Marian from the clutches of Clive Revill (the one-time Emperor Palpatine). Swordplay and silliness breaks out.

Soon, the entity Q has ALSO fallen for the duplicitous she-devil Vash. Q admires the way she is not content to wait for rescue: not concerned about honor or virtue she simply agrees to marry the evil Sir Guy.

Swashes are buckled. Troi shoots Friar Data with an arrow. Worf Scarlet smashes Geordi A-Dale's lute. Bits of Data explode. Crusher and Troi set women back to the 12th century with some dainty sneaking up behind and hitting of villains with pots.

I can't lie. It was cute schtick. Doctor McCoy probably would have done that, too. They're not bad fighters because they're girls, they're bad at it because they're DOCTORS. Anyway, it's fun.

Q whisks Vash off on an amazingly ill-advised whirlwind tour of the galaxy. Now taking bets on who will be dead by the other's hand within the week? I've got Q bludgeoned from behind by pith helmet on the Moons of Nibia. So stay tuned!

"Qpid" from the pen of Ira Steven Behr is worth your while, and the cast are obviously having a blast with it. And I'm never unsatisfied with John de Lancie's performances. I even found it cute to discover that Jenifer 'Vash' Hetrick and Patrick 'Picard' Stewart were engaged when this was filmed. Hey Nonny Nonny!

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