Sunday, March 18, 2012

Redemption Part I

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Gowron, the buggy-eyed son of M'Rel comes to Picard for help in preventing the long-awaited Klingon Civil War.

Although it's been a year, Gowron is STILL not installed as the leader of the Council? That seems dicey. These are not a dithering people. Who's been in charge all year?

The sisters of Duras, Lursa & B'Etor, speak for the family and are amassing space fleets. Women may not serve on the Council these days (their boobs are too distracting), but they have found Duras' bastard son Toral to prop up on the throne. (Literally. Like he'd need a booster seat.)

Worf's brother Captain Kurn thinks Gowron is weak. Kurn wants to sweep away the government. Worf insists that their family back desperate Gowron: at the price of restoring the Mogh honor. And maybe some motorbikes.

Worf keeps buttering Gowron up as though he wasn't a suspect in K'mpec's poisoning. Are we pretending we're sure Duras did that?

The Shadowy Female Romulan Figure who had Geordi tortured is working with the Duras sisters and gunning for Picard. The Duras sisters try to seduce the Captain with tea and creepy scalp massage. They claim siding with them is the only way the UFP-Klingon alliance will last.

Most of the Council walks out with the Duras. Gowron flings threats at their backs. "Are you blind to what they represent? Then go. Your blood will paint the way to the future."

Worf soon finds himself following Gowron into combat. Gowron offers the knife of friendship, restoring Worf's name. Picard cannot support Klingon internal warfare, and orders Worf to return to duty. Worf resigns and turns in his badge instead.

Worf is made weapons officer of Gowron's ship Bortas. Picard tells Worf that the human qualities of compassion, generosity, and fairness are also a part of him. Will Worf agree?

Elsewhere on Klingon soil, Shadowy Female Romulan Figure steps forward: IT'S YAR?!? What the what?

"Redemption Part I" is no 'Best of Both Worlds' unless you love Klingons, in which case you got yourself a gagh-laden smorgasbord!

Over the summer of 1991, while eagerly awaiting ST:TNG Season 5, my Commander Data T-Shirt got me noticed by one Bryan Andrews. A Star Trek fan and friend of the first rank, this young man's encouragement and correspondences helped me through what I considered a very difficult adolescence. Like Mr. Worf, I spent many years trying to find a place where I could belong and be recognized for myself. In Star Trek fandom, and with stalwart friends, I found it.

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