Wednesday, March 21, 2012


**** (4 stars out of 5)
Enterprise hits whatever a quantum filament is and gets into another fine mess.

As the highest ranking officer on the Bridge, Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi is in charge. Not only does the computer barely function, but Troi has forgotten what happens when antimatter gets out of magnetic containment. Forgive me, but did you REALLY forget WHY your sister ship Yamato went 'Ka-Fizzle-Blooey-Blam' before your very eyes, Deanna?

If Ro and O'Brien were uncomfortable following her orders before, that little brain fart must've made them clench up tight enough to re-crystallize dilithium.

Riker and Data are today's engineers, braving electric shock and the absurdity of Will carrying Data's head to the rescue like a novelty man-purse.

Hardly could it be more absurd than the vision of Worf delivering Keiko's baby and his disgruntled chagrin as everything fails to remain "orderly".

Crusher and La Forge Fight Fire With Arthur! Sorry. With Vacuum! Risking death by asphyxiation, they expose the fiery cargo room they're trapped in to outer space. And because the controls were designed by a madman or something, they must stagger and crawl across an airless room to let the air back in.

Jean-Luc's trapped in a precariously dangling turbolift with three frightened children. He must find the skills to relate to them on their level and save their lives. And sing a song, to boot.

"Disaster" is awesome. Call it 'The Quaratum Inferno' or the upside-down boat one, what was it called? Oh, yes, 'Poseidon Turbolift Adventure'. By whatever name, it's got fish out of water proving that, quite frankly, they can walk and breathe just fine, thank you so very much. Just don't ask Troi any math questions. Math is hard!

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