Friday, March 16, 2012

The Drumhead

*** (3 stars out of 5)
They get a lot of star miles out of the exchange program! Now J'Dan the Klingon exobiologist is suspected of delivering dilithium chamber drawings to the Romulans.

One, how many Klingons get into this field? Science, I mean. Lot of glory in science?
Second, what's his job? Does he weaponize pumpkins? Heh. Better Off Ted reference.

Anyway, Joe Dan's SUPER guilty and he needs a punch. Worf happens to have one handy.

But that doesn't end the matter, like it should have.

Zealous lawmaker Norah Satie, retired Admiral, with her Betazoid mind-checker and Delbian paper-worker posse for the intimidation factor, burst in and start dragging random people into the Accusing Parlour.

Stammering young Medic Simon Tarses checked "Vulcan Grampa" on his application form when really what he MEANT was "Romulan Grampa". Poor bastard might as well have been wearing a turban in the USA in 2002.

And where was Picard when all this metal fatigue leading to accidental explosions in which no one got hurt was taking place?!? HMMM? Leading the Borg on a deadly rampage that killed 11,000 people, eh? A likely story!

Was O'Brien in the IRA? Maybe Keiko's thumb is a little TOO green: because she's an Orion Sympathizer! It would have been a thousand people in the stockade and fourteen left to drive the ship if Satie had her way.

Finally, the Persecuting Attorney is asked to take a little lie down by Admiral Henry.

Henry doesn't get to say anything on screen, really. He just has that face that says "AFFRONTED"!

"The Drumhead" is good courtroom drama with fine writing and riveting performances. I like to believe the Federation is better at checks, balances, and weeding out the nutbars than this episode would have me believe. Exactly how many Admirals lose their shi... sense of proportion in these series, anyway? Somebody less lazy than me should count the crazies someday, since I ran out of fingers and toes.

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