Friday, May 3, 2013

Unimatrix Zero

*** (3 stars out of 5)
The Queen of all Borg has won many billions of minds, but may not have won any hearts.

Unfortunately, she believes the way to an organic being's heart is through the disecction of the brain. You can ask her all about it. For some reason she's started monologing.

It seems that a small number of Borg drones dream free: a landscape known as "Unimatrix Zero" (manufactured by the subconscious minds of some handfuls of X-Men) allows a taste of dreamtime freedom. And the soul of Annika Hansen was free there. And she had a Dream Lover so she didn't have to dream alone. Seven's Dream-Beau Axum doesn't really appeal to ME, but perhaps he's someone's bland and handsome (blandsome) cup of meat.

The Doctor concocts a magic potion called a cortical inhibitor virus that spreads across the community of mutant dreamers wherever they are in the Borg Collective. Moving all across the quadrant through um... science? I Guess? Must be more like a computer virus than an organic one, although if that's the case maybe Torres should've invented it? Whatever it is, it means they can remember their individuality and desire for freedom while they are awake. Perhaps they will defect from the Borg and find careers on other, less tired television shows.

But that will be little comfort to Captain Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres, who have been assimilated while helping the Borg rebels. Yeeurgh! That's horrible! Still... maybe next year the Doctor will give them all blonde hair and skin-tight catsuits. The ratings will be higher than ever!

This episode got a fairly good review from Get Critical, and I'm glad it works for someone. I'm not saying it's BAD... because it's not. Like most of this season t's just very, very same-y. Join me for the final season starting tomorrow. I can't promise you'll love it... but I can promise you MORE of it!

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  1. Janeway makes for a very ugly borg drone, poor thing. Love your snarky song lyrics to "Dream Lover"!