Tuesday, May 21, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
In Borg Cadet Icheb's oral report, Kirk's 5 year mission ended in 2270, having saved the Baezians, Chenari, and Pelosians from extinction- although whoever they were and whatever he did it blatantly violated the Prime Directive. Blatantly.

Sometimes, I get the impression EVERYONE would rather be watching ST: TOS instead of ST: VOY. Even the cast of VOY.

Consider this negative review from the Son of Q after looking around Aunt Kathy's ship for five seconds: "Bipeds pushing buttons!"

Q Jr. claims to have unlimited control of space, matter, and time. Which he uses to create discos, cause computers to be more snarky, and make ladies' clothing vanish. These are the only things he and I agree upon.

Susie Q has disowned her ADHD-stricken offspring for starting wars and juggling tectonic plates. Original Recipe Q claims to have spent "years" trying to make his son play nice with the sub-creatures. The stress IS starting to make Q look VERY mortal. Now he's threatening to turn the brat into a paramecium if he won't change his ways before the commercial break.

Q Jr. cheats at his studies (just like Kirk), but in fairness he's got some impossible pressures: he's expected to be the Saviour, for God's sake. Any wonder he runs away, steals a shuttle and starts calling Icheb "Itchy"? Only Chewbacca's Father should be called Itchy! Or a cartoon cat, I guess.

Plus isn't it rather foolish to ask a Q to adhere to high moral standards when it's clear they don't HAVE any? These beings execute couples for wanting to live, force immortality on the suicidal, and torment lower life-forms to relieve their nearly-infinite ennui. If there IS a definition for "Q-ness" isn't it... being a jerk? By those standards, he's ALREADY a $#!% Off the Old Block.

"Q2" drops the ball: last chance to have Q reward Janeway for being a good mommy with a free trip to Disneymoon. And they waste it all playing "Charlie X" for laughs.

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