Sunday, May 5, 2013


** (2 stars out of 5)
Something's broken in Seven of Nine's brain. It must be Tuesday.

When all of the Borg Babies but one find a home at the same time (despite being from different species) Seven is all hugs and tears. What?!? Say it is isn't so! Feelings? That's not right!

And it isn't. The rubber band on Seven's cortical node has snapped and every other implant in her body randomly fails without it. It cannot be repaired, only replaced.

Thankfully, the Borg leave piles of disused ships and parts in convenient, nearby locations in much the way they never used to do. When it turns out that cortical nodes wear out almost immediately (one wonders how the dead Borg springs back to life back in 'Unity' if cortical nodes spoil faster than bread left out on the counter, but whatever), Janeway intends to get a fresh one by killing the next Borg she sees. That seems like the moral thing to do!

Icheb is the hero of the day, echoing C-3PO: "If any of my circuits or gears will help, I'll gladly donate them!" Fortunately, despite this being the most vital piece of the Borg brain, HE doesn't need one. He pulls it out himself to prove it. He's young, he takes vitamins, some sort of rubbish like that. I mean, it's a noble self-risking sacrifice on his part, but it doesn't make much sense. It's only brain surgery, after all. For her- life or death. For him- shrugged off like a loose tooth. Sure, why not?

As a side note, when dying Seven reads over Voyager's casualty list, it's good to finally learn the names of the senior officers killed seven years ago in the original Caretaker abduction. Bartlett, McGarry, Ziegler, Lyman, Seaborn, Craig, Young. All lost from damage sustained to the port nacelle- or if you prefer, The West Wing.

"Imperfection" is too easy a target for a title. Truth in advertising? Still, there are plenty of opposing views: here's one on Get Critical. One wonders- is this likely to happen again? Is this likely to happen to any and all former Borg? Janeway, Tuvok, Torres, Picard, Hugh's colony, Frazier's off-the-grid ex-Borgs? One day minding their own business, chopping onions, suddenly start weeping, pass out and die? Pretty brittle things for a master race, ain't they? That said, Jeri Ryan and Manu Intiraymi (as Seven and Icheb) play their vulnerable, heartfelt roles very well. Not their fault the Borg are becoming less and less the unstoppable storm and more and more those clumsy straw men we knock down whenever it suits us.

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