Wednesday, May 15, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Voyager plays host to a batch of Warden Yediq's cruel Nygean prison guards and their equally tormented charges. It's like a cheerful, brightly coloured Oz. The rape-y one, not the Disney one. Actually, I haven't seen either. I have no idea what I'm talking about! Why should TODAY be any different?

Repairing hardened criminal Iko after a savage beating from the jerk guards, the Doctor's ubiquitous use of nanoprobes fixes the man's brain, incidentally and accidentally(?) healing the birth defect which made him violent and sociopathic in the first place. I don't mean to harp on, but when Dr. Crusher said the brain was mapped, I'd think a lot fewer Amazing Brain Things would simply happen BY MISTAKE.

Seven of Nine takes Iko's part. Not like THAT! I mean... she takes his side. She has known a lot of suffering as both abuser and abused. She can see both sides to the issues of culpability and atonement with that artificial eye.

Instead of judges, sentences are set by the victim's families. This is actually kind of a good idea... unless the criminal can't afford leniency. Further, there's proven racial inequity when handing out death penalties to Benkaren inmates like Joleg. Neelix brings the food and mild outrage. 

Not to spoil anything, but Jeff "Tank Girl's Kangaroo Boyfriend" Kober does not get a happy ending.

"Repentance" never answers my biggest question: why does Voyager's crew build a bunch of archaic jail cells for their surly dinner guests intend of conserving resources and curtailing the chance of violence by simply digging the stasis chambers from "One" out of their closets?

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