Tuesday, January 3, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Enterprise puts in for repairs from the boffins at Starbase 74. The guy in charge there, Commander Quinteros, won first place in the 'Picard-A-Like' Contest 2363, but this year he was only runner-up because he refused to shave his majestic goatee.

Quinteros' computer repair specialists are nearly computers themselves, and are neither gentlemen nor ladies.

Why would the Bynars do away with gender as they got more interlinked with computers? Or did they have genders before they married their iPhones?

Or maybe your genitals just fall off if you geek out too long... BE WARNED!

Anyway, the warbling little pink goblins cook up an entrancing holodeck jazz groupie for Riker to amuse with his 'bone.

Trombone, people! Minuet digs Riker for his trombone. Sheesh.

The Bynars fake an engine disaster while Minuet fakes affection. Ooh, burn!

Speaking of burns, the crew is forced to evacuate so quickly the men in skirts probably got sore thighs.

Planet Bynaus desperately needed a back-up drive for their planetary computer, and the Enterprise was the only one available. Because planet-sized computers can't plan ahead.

Picard looks quaint playing 'rusty' at the conn. I love that guy.

No love for Riker, though. He can't find Minuet in the holodeck anywhere.

"11001001" recalls the starship heist of 'Star Trek III'. The Bynars are a great idea for a cyborg ally, and despite my teasing it would have been cool to see them again. I mean, other than every single day in the real world, twittering and tumblring their little thumbs off.

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