Monday, August 12, 2013

Storm Front

**** (4 stars out of 5)
As Winston Churchill put it so succinctly, there's no time to slow down, we've got to keep buggering on at freak-out speed. I think that was Churchill, anyway.

Captain Archer awakens in Nazi-Occupied New York state, 1944. Remans are colluding with Aryans to deliver tank-blasting plasma rifles and, soon, Joker toxin in the water supply. SNAFU, to coin a phrase.

Enterprise is here, too, their shuttle met with the standard hail... of bullets.

The Temporal Cold War got Hot, and here in the hottest pocket of all, Time-Spy Daniels got burned by paradox on the way to see Archer. Sections of his body are aging at different rates when he dies (again) with a dire warning on his ancient lips.

Alicia Masters.. uh, I mean, Travers lives in oppressed Brooklyn and conspires with Archer and half the cast of The Sopranos to resist the wave of homogenous Grey Supremacists. The in-fighting but diverse underdogs of America are mending ethnic fences to combat the evil alien threat, much as the Xindi did back in Season 3.

Silik of the Suliban rears his ugly head once more. Well, collapses his ugly head more than rears. Silik steals a shuttlepod, but he goes out of his way not to kill Tucker. (If Archer is crucial to Daniel's utopian future, Silik knows who to preserve when it comes to ratings!)

"Storm Front", and all of Star Trek Enterprise Season 4, was MINE, ALL MINE. No-one in my peer group was watching anymore, so I could stop caring whether it was clever, or good for me, and just be entertained by it again. It became my favorite season since All Good Things... 

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