Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Storm Front, Part II

**** (4 stars out of 5)
As disappointed as I was to learn that the Nazi's time-traveling backers aren't Remans after all, but some Reman Identical Cousins called Nazghul or something, I was delighted with everything else.

Character-defining back story for Silik unfurls just moments before his retirement. Spoilers: by retirement I mean he's shot dead. I'm gonna miss that twisted, cantaloupe-headed, licorice-body-stockinged goblin! Not that death ever stopped Temporal Cold Warriors before...

Daniels of the Spiders and Vosk of the Snakes have their pawns duke it out for Mastery of Time! Some faction's assassin (probably Liquid Metal Robert Patrick) killed Lenin and erased the Soviet Union, so Germany pretty much ignored Russia and was soon goose-stepping down Broadway. Daniels (Not dead yet! I feel happy!) assures our heroes that, convoluted as a time war seems, if Vosk is stopped, all these changes will reset. And Zachary Quinto will turn back into Leonard Nimoy if we all clap our hands hard enough.

Vosk doesn't need to bother shooting those who displease him. He just makes a note to erase them from history later like Chuck De Nomolos the Despotic Gym Teacher from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Also Ol' Voskie meets the same sticky end as Senator Ron Silver from Timecop, in accordance with the Blinovitch Limitation Effect.

"Storm Front, Part II" asks the big questions. Does Daniels' receding hairline mean that in 9 centuries there's still no cure for the heartbreak of male pattern baldness? Or does he have a naturally high forehead from ancestors with a variety of prosthetic faces which cancelled each other out? Points to ponder as Season 4 wraps up ALL the dangling plot threads (except who was the Shadowy Figure and what was it all FOR) and gets to start making its own beautiful messes!

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