Friday, August 3, 2012

The Search, Part II

**** (4 stars out of 5)
Long ago, the Changelings of the Omarion Nebula sent Odo and 99 other newly formed shape-shifters into the galaxy. He is the first to return, thanks to the wormhole. They didn't expect him back for 300 years, or they would have turned themselves into a cake.

Their Female Spokesjelly explains that the basis for their society is the Great Link: a joining of form, thought, and sensation. As far as changelings are concerned, it's the best thing ever. Now that Odo's tried it, he agrees. It's a little like a sneeze. And it's ooey gooey good.

Changelings call mono-forms like Kira 'Solids' and they trust them much less far than they can throw them. Changelings were once peaceful space explorers in search of knowledge, but in the face of distrusting, murderous solids they found safety only in isolation. They retreated to a planet with no sun, unplugged the phone, and drew the curtains.

While Odo splashes around in the Locals, Kira literally uncovers a startling truth: the Defiant crew are underground, captured for days in a simulation to test their reactions to peace between the Alpha Quadrant and the Dominion. A simulation wherein the Federation politely drew up a treaty, bent way over to sign it, and handed DS9 and Bajor over to their foes. The crew proved mainly that if you pushed them they would fight, sacrifice Garak, and maybe collapse the wormhole rather than kiss scaly Jem'Hadar ass.

Borath, the foreign guy in the monokini running the simulation is not one of the Founders as he claimed. The Founders... are the Changelings.

Odo's Mingling Partner declares: "The hunted now control the destinies of hundreds of other races... because what you can control can't hurt you."

Odo, a being of justice, cannot conscience the mass slaughter carried out by his ancestral shut-ins in the name of order.  Since Changelings have never harmed one of their own, they let him and his pet solids go... but the Alpha Quadrant may need to have some order imposed soon.

"The Search, Part II": Seek and ye shall find. Having captured the mighty Defiant, the Dominion apparently find it utterly beneath their notice. The weapons, the cloak, the uppity attitude, they ignore it all, spank the humans and send them to sleep without supper. Not an auspicious first sortie. Might as well attack the sea with a sword.


  1. I would not give this one four out of five stars. It's an okay episode, but all the build up turns out to be a dream implanted by the Founders. I expected to see Pamela Ewing among them, dreaming that entire season of "Dallas" and waking up to find Bobby in the shower!
    Not only that, but THEY KILLED GARAK! Thank the Prophets it WAS only a dream!

    1. You're quite right about the bait and switch. Kind of a letdown, that. It was the Founder reveal and Odo's story that I found so compelling. As usual, your experience may vary.