Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Hunted

*** (3 stars out of 5)

Fresh from the Tarsian Wars, the people of Angosia III have a pleasantly peaceful (if grey and stuffy) world. Prime Minister Nayrock is nay-rocking that moustache. Oh, James Cromwell, what were you thinking?

An Angosian super-soldier who doesn't show up on the sensors busts out of the Penal Colony on Lunar V and causes havoc for the Enterprise. (Heh, penal colony.)

The troublemaker is Roga Danar, a well-spoken man with smouldering eyes and strategically ripped fatigues. He causes action scenes and explosions as he leads the crew on a merry chase.

He's also got a fascination for Counselor Troi, who uncovers his grievances with a government that modified his mind and body for war, but had no means to refit him for peacetime.

Of course, you'll recall Troi's through playing the sucker for dark and handsome bad boys.

Clearly an emergency: killer with super-skills on the loose, nobody in engineering responding, Geordi's out cold, but Worf and his security buddy are just sauntering down the corridor to the rescue at a moderate pace. Inspiring work, guys, to be sure.

"They're your brothers, your sons, and you turned your backs on them," says Picard to the Angosian fat-cats. J'accuse!

"The Hunted" is almost all action and effects and that's no bad thing. PTSD and the ongoing struggle to avoid worrying about how to help war veterans is older than shell-shock and will probably still be a concern in 300 years. Unless we really do grow out of our love for war.

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