Thursday, December 22, 2011

Code of Honor

* (1 star out of 5)

Oh, how I dislike it.

Ligon II, misogynist Arabian Nights role-playing planet, has a "Code of Honor" that boils down to being self-important lady-dominating jerks in turbans. They have a vaccine that can't be replicated so our crew has to pussyfoot around what jerky jerks the Ligonians are.

Lt. Natasha Yar, EVEN THOUGH SHE IS A WOMAN, is Chief of Security, and better at it than Lutan's man Hanar.

Yar impresses Lutan by teaching aikido with a hologram that makes a 'whoosh' sound every move it makes. For extra ninja-ness!

Therefore, smitten and avaricious Lutan grabs Yar when he beams away.

The crew's hamstrung response is really half-assed. Fire nine torpedos above the kidnapper's head. Demand answers, Receive none. WAIT A DAY?!? Beverly talks Picard into letting Wes sit on the bridge. Data gives a lecture on how French is an obscure language to JEAN-LUC PICARD. God knows what's happening to Yar while you're all dithering.

It turns out she's fine. Despite strained attempts at politeness, Lutan isn't giving Yar back and wants to make her his 'First One'. His current First One, Yareena, takes umbrage and makes challenge.

I find it dubious in the face of what we heard from Yar last episode that she is either tempted or flattered by these shenanigans. I would expect her to find Lutan's extreme forcefulness to be unattractive.

Besides, I hear once you go pasty white- you never go elsewhere at night!

I DO like the one scene where Data talks to La Forge while Geordi shaves with a Future Razor that does not touch his face. Partly because I love that gizmo, and partly because of the cool razor. Ba-dum-bum!

Data starts in on a joke, and Geordi bolts for the door. Data's scripted unintentional slip of the tongue 'includling the kiddlies' interests me. He is a precision instrument, but not infallible. As ever, it is imperfection that makes him so loveable.

Yar and Yareena fight with poisoned gloves in an electrified ring. Yar kills Yareena, abruptly beaming her up so Dr. Crusher can save her.

Much is made of the gulf between Federation and Ligonian technology, but the turbaned ones have orbital stations, Starfleet-compatible visual communications, and OH YEAH... transporters. The only gulf is OH YEAH... basic human rights.

Good fight sequence, I'm sure, but it'll never be close to a favorite of mine.

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