Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turnabout Intruder

*** (3 stars out of 5)

It looks like the folks at Elba II missed a couple of homicidal nuts when they found the last 15 in the galaxy back in "Whom Gods Destroy".

Dr. Janice Lester, space archeologist, and Dr. Coleman, MD (Malpractice Douchebag) found an ancient alien mind-switching machine on Camus II. She ordered their team of witnesses into areas of deadly radiation and he failed to treat them. Then they hatched a dastardly scheme. Fiendish, even.

When the Enterprise shows up, Lester is faking sick until she's alone with Kirk. (They were in a bad break-up after a year together in the service.) She feels his "world of starship captains doesn't admit women" and whether or not that's literally true, she's found a loophole: she steals his body. While she's gloating in his, she ironically doesn't have the balls to strangle him in hers. Beaming up, Janice the Man is in charge, while Kirk the Woman is made to rest, stay sedated, and be quiet.

Spock and McCoy suspect "Kirk" almost from minute one. Chapel, sadly, believes Coleman and straps "Mad Lester" down and brings her a glass of PomWonderful. Kirk cuts her bonds and makes a run for it, but Big Stong Lester knocks her out again in front of Bones and Spock.

Bones has "Kirk" submit to exams including the Robbiani dermal-optic test to reveal basic emotional structure. Spock talks logic with "Lester" who acts very much like Jim, and telepathically reads as Jim. Telepathy is not admissable, and the Robbiani doesn't show an emotional disorder. (Some test! What happened to the brain scan that conclusively showed Mira Romaine was possessed? Not to mention the psychotricorder...)

Man Janice gets Spock, McCoy & Scotty on recordings talking mutiny, and orders their unlawful execution. Sulu, Chekov, and Lt. Lisa (identical cousin of Angela Martine) thankfully refuse to obey Captain Janice Crazypants.

Coleman's attempted murder of Prisoner Girl Kirk prompts their minds to switch back. Coleman says he'll look after Janice, but I hope no one lets him. You know... murderers.

Kirk's final line "Her life could have been as rich as any woman's. If only... if only.." Well, it's very Enigmatic, kids.
If only... Starfleet gave Captain's seats to homicidal maniacs?
If only... Kirk hadn't shattered Lester's mind when he left her for some blonde?
If only... women knew their limits?
If only... she was guest starring on 'The Mod Squad' instead?

"Turnabout Intruder" works on a pair of strong gender-swapped performances. It's no 'Freaky Friday' or the one with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman urinating, but it's O.K.

Season 3 is weak, but without it Star Trek would not have reached syndication.
Where it got noticed big time.
And its legend grew.

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