Thursday, February 22, 2018

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

**** (4 stars out of 5)

had to use the picture above because it's a screencap of me watching Discovery.

Harry Mudd is back with time to kill. It's one of those episodes with a little of the old chronic hysteresis, or Time Loop if you're nasty.

Speaking of nasty, Tilly claims to have exclusively dated soldiers. The Federation death toll is up to 10,000. I'm not blaming Tilly, it's probably Michael's fault, somehow. Although we'll hear all about it today at the disco. Let’s party like its 2009!

All trauma and no kiss make Michael a dull girl. She's never been in love, she doesn’t interact & now, thanks to all the mushrooms, Stamets is suddenly a hugger. 

The party is pooped by the arrival of a lonely space whale. The Gormagander is endangered because it is so focused on eating it does not mate- I'm finding it easy to sympathize over cookies. 

Mudd pulls a Space Jonah in what I was happy to imagine is an Andorian helmet. Also he has a handheld Groundhog Day device to perfect his for-profit starship hijack & Lorca-killing spree by using infinite repetition. It's the same device used to generate most television scripts.

Sensitive Stamets is also retaining memory of these 30 minute time loops, and recruits Michael to help stop Mudd killing Lorca another 54 times. 

It's pretty easy to love Stamets when he gets lines like: “Never hide who you are. That's the only way relationships work.”

Destined to forget it ever happened, Ash kisses Michael. Michael, in return, kills herself painfully with Harry's dark matter capsule to force Mudd to reboot Ash. Ah, l'amour!

I'm glad that even after multiple repeats, Mudd, like me, has no idea who the rest of the bridge crew is. "Random communications officer man."

It's feeling a LOT more like Star Trek around here today. Even the Stardates make no sense! Also we don't have to look at any "Klingons". Thank you, episode.

Mudd’s skipped out on his impending nuptials to Stella, daughter of fabulously wealthy and utterly humorless arms dealer Baron Grimes.

Does the sadistic multiple mass murderering Mudd seem like the pimp & roguish cad from TOS? No? Well, apparently he not only is, Discovery crew is fine with punishing him TOS style- with a marriage yoke. Uh, joke. It IS just barely possible that on that last loop he may not have had time to do anything horrible except tormenting the whale. No, not Grimes, the Gormagander.

The title, it seems, is a quote from The Iliad? Homer?? Read a BOOK!!!

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